Previous Gordon Setters

Ray and Christine have owned many dogs through their lives, including Dachshunds, a Dalmatian, a Miniature Schnauzer before moving their allegiance to Gordon Setters.

Their first bitch was Mischievous Girl of Levelmoor aka ‘Tammy’. Ray showed her to limited success, prior to having a litter from her to the Sire Lourdace Marcus. This litter produced their next bitch, Levelmoor Waterboatman aka ‘Abbi’. The next bitch that joined the kennel was Celtaur Wood Nymph aka ‘Gemma’, (pictured above) bred by the then Tina Ruggles and born on 19th December 1990. She was followed by the short lived Inkersall Berwick Swan aka ‘Chloe’. Then the last bitch to live with Ray and Christine was Charrellsett Danceabout at Levelmoor, aka ‘Skye’ (also pictured above), whom was born on 25th August 2000, and left this world in January 2010. Soon after was when the current Male arrived.

Murdoch can be seen on his own page.


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