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Levelmoor Nijinsky



This is Dooley. His Kennel Name is Levelmoor Nijinsky. He was born on 19th August 2007.

His Sire was Canalhouse Cool Dude at Flatcharm, and his Dam Spera Vivace Tosca at Levelmoor.

Dooley was a loving dog, who was very agile and energetic. He lived life to the full. He performed reasonably well in the show ring without achieving huge honours. He was  lovely Best of Breed at Bakewell Show one year, under judge the Late Gary Whiting. It was avery good entry, and we were so proud of him. Hilary Buckley handled him in his class, and then Dom took over in the Challenge.

He achieved his Stud book number, at Windsor Championship show, on a sunny afternoon.

Probably his greatest achienvement was winning his Class at Crufts, in the same Year that Jim Irvine's Jet went on to win BEST IN SHOW. It was an honour to be in the same Dog lineup as him and his half brother Spencer, whom gained the RCC that day.

Dooley had a smoulder that cannot be described, but showed his affection, and as the first Levelmoor male dog I had ever owned, He imprinted himself on my heart from an early age. He was tried at Stud on a couple of occasions, but to no avail. The first attempt just being a wine drinking and laughter session at the LAte Heidi LAwlers house, and the second being a few short slip matings at THe JAckson family home, where we eventually obtained Musto from. Molly, the bitch he mated absorbed the puppies, so it was never meant to be. Unfortunately Dooley was taken suddenly ill one morning, and when checked out, was found to be suffering from a ruptured spleen. The vets were working hard to save him on the operating table, and were hopeful of doing so, until they opened him up to find, Cancer in areas of the Liver and Kidneys, and they suggested that this was going to be an even bigger issue. After a short but painful few minutes thinking about it, we decided to put him first, and end his impending suffering.

He was PTS on 4th May 2015, whilst on the operating table. A huge shock, as 24 hours earlier he was full of beans, and such a joy to live with. Dooley had been a very good dog, and helped with charity events at both the British Red Cross Events, and also as a honorary Canine Partners dog, with his own special bib. He did a bucket collection at Uttoxeter racecourse on a racenday when even the now late Lady Hilda Clarke begged her helpers to allow her to donate to this lovely cause and place a generous note in his collection bucket. He was top collector of approximately 8 dogs that day, and was so happy to assist.

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