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Dom has judged many gundog breeds, although not on the breed lists officially. However in Flatcoats, he is on either B and A3 lists on all 4 of the Breed lists. In 2018 he eventually took and completed the A3 assessment day, and passed with flying colours. He has a breed open show appointment in October 2019 in Scotland for the Flatcoated Retriever Club of Scotland. And also an appointment to judge the local Staffordshire County Show in summer 2019, which has always been his dream. He hopes to move on to Championship shows eventually.




Melanie is on A3 list for 3 out of the 4 breed club judging lists, and has achieved everything required on the other one, including judging a breed open show for them. She hopes to get offered Championship shows in the near future, and will hopefully continue to enjoy her judging. She has judged other Gundog breeds, but does not enjoy doing so, and only likes doing her own beloved breed, the Flat coated Retriever.

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