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Levelmoor Vitifer Leat



This is Hermione. Her kennel name is Levelmoor Vitifer Leat. She was born on 30th June 2003.

Her Sire is Ch Steeplehouse Gamekeeper and her Dam Carnegga Ebony of Levelmoor.

She was our first bred Flatcoated Retriever, and was a pretty little girl. She did ok in the show ring, but was never a very good worker. She was very much like her Mum when it came to water. Absolutely obsessed. Could often not get her out, but she was a strong swimmer, and so smooth with it. A joy to watch her in the water. Her show career was adequate, and even challenged for a RCC one day. She gained her Stud book number, and did quite well at open shows. We never had a litter from this girl, for a number of reasons. One of her brothers suffered a heart attack from suspected Cardio Miopathy, and she herself suffered bloat and a torsion. She survived the operation, and in fact the very next day jumped a baby gate when we were trying to keep her calm. Typical of her give everything attitude. She was a lovely girl, and a big part of the kennel. She took part in a very interesting brace class with her Mum one day, and when asked to move around the ring 2 times, she automatically swapped place with her Mum after one lap. I did not even notice, but many observers did, and wanted to know how I had trained this. Obviously I had not, it was just an intelligent retriever doing her own party trick.

She lived to a ripe old age of nearly 13. Her mind was still willing but her body was not.

She was a very loving girl, and is hugely missed by us all.

She did do quite a bit of work for charity, especially when collecting for the British Red Cross. A girl to be proud of.

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