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This is Tweed Emily Salt


Her Kennel Name is:-

Gemswin How You Remind Me Of Levelmoor


She is not your typical Flatcoated Retriever bitch, but has done very well at times in the show ring, and attended Crufts 2017. She goes back to our own Spera Vivace Tosca at Levelmoor (FERN), whom was the best brood bitch we owned.

She is a cuddle monkey, but very agile and quick when it comes to pinching things.

She has attended Discover dogs at Crufts and The Excel Centre in London, and has represented the breed to very good effect.

However, in 2018 at Bournemouth Champ show she came third in open bitch to gain her stud book number (crufts qualification for life), which was an absolutely lovely class to gain this in, even beating her mother.

A week later, she suffered a torsion, but the vets did a great job, and due to how fit and healthy she was otherwise, recovered in no time at all. In fact later that year she walked up Mount Snowdon and back, before returning to the digs, quick drink, and back out to the beach for another 3 hour walk. What a wonderfully fit and healthy dog we have.

So back to full fitness, we made the decision to breed from her, and wanted to give others the chance to share in

a very enthusiastic loveable girl. Lively but loving, with so much character to boot.

. We mated her to our own Musto, and on 11th March 2019 she has given birth to 5 bitch and 2 dog puppies.


Her eyes are clear of Gonioscopy and her hip score is 4-5 Total 9 and her elbows are 0

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